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What is Customer Service?

Customer service is the competent, efficient and friendly manner in which people sell their goods and services to the purchasers or customers.

In today's modern society people expect to get a high standard of customer service in a highly competitive market place.

The expectations of a customer in regards to service, may not be those of the provider of the goods or services, but in a competitive environment if you do not provide a constant high level of customer service, they can always go elsewhere.

Customers expect you to not only drive them from a pick up point to their destination, but to provide them with a reasonable standard of service at all times.

We have a range of mandatory and other requirements for all Taxis which form an integral part of providing customer service to taxi passengers such as a clean and well presented vehicle, well groomed drivers in clean uniforms, prompt and courteous pick and drop off, a safe and comfortable ride, assistance with passengers needs, opening and closing doors for passengers, making the trip pleasant by avoiding arguement and conflict and greeting and farewelling customers.

Is the Customer Always Right?

We are often told that the customer is always right. This is not necessarily the case; however, you are committed to providing an efficient and courteous service to your passengers.

The customer should be made to feel as though they are always right.

There may be times where the customer has it completely wrong. For example you may have advised the passenger of the shortest most practical and cost effective route to their destination. The customer informs you of an alternative route, which you know, is longer in distance, there are delays with road works and the fare will be higher.

Your obligation to the passenger stops when you have provided them with the correct information. If they insist on the alternative route, go for it, as they will learn later that you were correct in the first place and you will get a higher fare. Never argue with a customer even if they are in the wrong.

Taxis are only one type of public transport. The general public can choose to travel in buses, trains, hire cars and taxis.

It is important that as a professional taxi driver with account work, you look after your customers because if you don't, they will most certainly choose another form of transport or another taxi company.

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